Senin, 09 September 2013

Kamali Beach

Kamali Beach is a right place to find the joy. It was build under Amirul Tamin as major of Baubau city. Kamali  Beach is located at Yos Sudarso street. There we can do many activities. Such as eating food, drinking saraba and take a picture. Kamali beach has many food available, such as fried banana, sukun, ubi goreng and rice with fish and chicken.

Everyday many people visit Kamali Beach. Kamali Beach has a dragon statue. Kamali Beach has many stores. You can buy VCD or DVD music, speaker, and so on. If you want to come Kamali Beach, it will be better on Saturday night. You must be happy there because many interesting things that you get.

Extra facility in Kamali Beach is landscape you can see ocean with island. Such Wamengkoli in Muna island and Makassar. I think if you come to Kamali  Beach, you will be happy. Enjoy your holiday!

Keraton Baubau

Baubau city have many interesting place like keraton Baubau. keraton Baubau is Historycal place in Baubau. In keraton many building make you back in kingdom situation. with this we can learn about History kesultanan Buton. kesultanan Buton have a Biggest Fotress in the world, and many museum. Keraton museum have many weapon, photo and Historical book. 

Third place is keraton mosque. In ther we can know habit people in keraton. We can see the people pray everyday and doing activity. Because keraton place in the high plain until we can Baubau landscape. 

Benteng keraton history made from stone and white egg. The ingredient make fotress stronger attacking enemy. Beside that Benteng keraton have many Bigger it name is Lawana. All about that make keraton Buton interesting.

Senin, 24 Juni 2013

Wolio palace fort is the largest fort in the world. The fort has seven gates called Lawana. Inside the castle there is a burial complex sultan and royal officials, in addition there are two mosques therein. Namely the mosques palace and mosque Cuba. Palace mosque is the main mosque mosque while Cuba is a complementary mosque. According to residents about mosque Cuba has magic power, that will not matter how much the full entry. Besides the mosque inside the fort palace complex there is a museum that holds the tools of war, photographs and books kingdom. Niali number contained in the complex history of the fort palace makes a good tourist attraction in the country and abroad. That pembahsan short of the fort palace complex.

Baubau city located in Southeast Sulawesi Indonesia. baubau city is a city located on the island of Buton. In ancient times the city baubau shaped empire, which its name is the Buton sultanate. Baubau society in antiquity mostly work in the plantation sector. Baubau city has many tourism objects. Both natural and historical tourism. If you are visiting in town baubau will you learn a lot about past events. Baubau city has historical sights like berteng palace, and also has many natural attractions like beaches and caves. Owned beach beach baubau like nirvana and Lakeba. While the cave is owned by the city baubau such as caves and cave lakasa moko. Besides the friendliness of its people and conducive security Baubau city has its own power of dance. all the beauty that you'll get in town Baubau